What DeFi is and why you should care.

Source: Ethereum.org

Secure your username for the future of the web.

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A guide to non-custodial wallets for everyday people.

Source: Ethereum.org

A step-by-step guide to minting NFTs for beginners

Source: Ethereum.org

A simple and non-technical guide

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You can now buy, sell, send or receive NGNT on Busha!

Buy, Sell, Swap Naira Token on Busha

What this means for you:

  • Verifiable transfers: Unlike bank transfers whose alerts can be forged, every NGNT transaction is publicly verifiable on the blockchain using a blockchain explorer like Etherscan. …

Sendcash x Wyre

Fast money transfers from anywhere in the world to Ghana at the best rates.

Teju Adeyinka

I like to write about crypto & technology for everyday people. Growth @ Buycoins/Sendcash.

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